These documents are offered as an example of the kinds of documents used in an absolute divorce. This is not a Do-It-Yourself divorce kit. You may obtain such a kit from your local Clerk of Court, along with instructions on how to file for divorce. Before you file for divorce, consult an attorney to be sure you are not waiving any of your marital rights. If you and your spouse have not signed a Separation Agreement, entered into a Consent Order or received a Court Order that distributes your marital and divisible property, and provides for alimony, and you get divorced without having equitable distribution and alimony resolved, you will lose the right to equitable distribution and alimony!!! Consult an attorney!! You will not be able to go back once your divorce is final to get alimony or divide property. DO NOT FILE FOR DIVORCE UNTIL THESE ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED! If you are served with a divorce complaint and these issues have not been resolved in writing, you must file claims for those issues in your answer to the divorce complaint. Consult an attorney. An absolute divorce does NOT resolve alimony or property. You must either file claims for those issues before the divorce is final or sign a separation agreement prior to your final judgment of divorce being signed by a judge. If you have already filed claims for equitable distribution and alimony, do not file for divorce unless you have been advised to do so by your attorney. A VERBAL AGREEMENT IS NOT ENOUGH! If you do not understand these forms or the Do-It-Yourself kit, consult an attorney before filing any documents. The Clerk of Court’s office cannot give you legal advice. Additionally, an absolute divorce does not resolve the issues of child custody or child support. If you haven’t noticed the consistent theme of this section, let me put it plainly: Before you use these forms, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY!

Absolute divorce complaint (fillable PDF)

Civil Summons (fillable PDF)

Domestic Action Coversheet (fillable PDF)

Affidavit of Service (fillable PDF)